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Percussion Theatre Drummers Amp Up the Fan Zone at England Ladies Rugby

England vs. Wales Women's Six Nations game at Ashton Gate.... The atmosphere was electric, thanks to the exhilarating pre-game performances by Percussion Theatre's LED drummers. Positioned strategically in the fan zone, our drummers not only heightened the excitement but also set the stage for what was to be a dominant display by the Red Roses.

As fans gathered, the music from our drummers echoed the energy of a crowd eager for rugby action. With each beat and choreographed movement, the drummers captured the audience's spirit, ensuring everyone was pumped and ready for the kickoff.

Their presence was a perfect prelude to England's impressive performance, which saw them clinching a commanding victory.

 This event at Ashton Gate not only showcased the drummers' ability to energize and engage but also cemented their reputation as a must-have for sports events aiming to offer something beyond the ordinary.

Contact us to bring this vibrant spectacle to your next event, and ensure your audience is captivated from the very first beat!


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