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Entertainment Drumline

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Elevate your corporate gathering with our riveting drumline. Whether it's football, cricket, rugby, or basketball events, our drummers can don branded or bespoke clothing to align with your theme. Our experience spans from on-field performances to VIP boxes and entire stadiums, delivering an enthralling rhythm spectacle that resonates with your audience.

TV & Media


TV &

Our seasoned drummers have an impressive portfolio that includes mainstream TV shows, music videos, and high-profile events, including the Olympic opening ceremony. Across the UK, they've brought their rhythm and flare to a variety of media platforms, leaving a striking auditory and visual impression.

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Amplify the energy of any sporting event with our dynamic drumline. From football and cricket to rugby and basketball, our drummers adapt to the theme, donning branded or customized attire. Their performances range from the field and VIP boxes to captivating entire stadiums, leveraging their extensive experience in the professional sporting arena.

drumline at corporate event

Product Launch

"Drum roll please"....  Add a dramatic flourish to your product reveal with our high-impact drumline performing an anticipatory "drum roll". Our drummers can tailor their performance to your theme, creating bespoke music, or crafting royalty-free rhythms for your advertising campaign. Unveil your next big idea to the beat of our drums, creating an awe-inspiring launch event that resonates with your audience.

Awards Evenings

Kick off your awards evenings with the exhilarating performances of our drummers. Often paired with our roaming LED drummers, they deliver an awe-inspiring UV stick trick performance, setting the perfect stage for the evening and priming the audience for the keynote speaker. Our drummers are a favourite choice for creating an energetic and engaging start to any awards event.

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Themed Events

For themed events, our drummers take their performance to the next level by dressing up to match your event's theme. Whether it's a festive holiday celebration or a themed gala, our drummers embrace the spirit of the occasion, delivering a memorable, themed performance that blends seamlessly into your event.


Previous Clients include


Unique, outrageous, high impact, stick juggling, choreographed freestyle drumline requires the highest calibre musicians….
Energy, precision and love for drumming ooze out of every performer. The performers drummers skills and visual impact is only bettered by their ability to entertain.

Percussion Theatre performances consists of freestyle drumming, stick throwing, tricks, dancing and jaw dropping uniformity all while drumming along to fun well-known top 10 hits.
The Ultra Violet segment of the show silences the room with glowing sticks and props combined with more awe inspiring drumming and movement.



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10 Besom Way,

Cheslyn Hay



Tel: 07958 729160


Mon - Sun: 7am - 10pm

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