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Terms and Conditions

Percussion Theatre reserve the right to:


Make reasonably necessary alterations to the advertised event arrangements and featured participants.

Cancel or abandon any event without notice and without liability for compensation or damage other than up to a maximum of the ticket price (If an event cancels in advance we will make reasonable attempts to contact you using the details you have provided).


Restrict ticket sales to a maximum number per person and/or household and cancel any tickets purchased in excess of this.


Tickets cannot be refunded or returned unless an event is cancelled or rescheduled.

Percussion Theatre are not liable for lost, destroyed or stolen tickets and cannot replace them.

Percussion Theatre are not liable for any lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen items.


Tickets are non transferable and their resale for profit or commercial gain is prohibited and may render them void.

You must produce a valid ticket in order to attend the event.

Percussion Theatre


If you have any queries please call us on 07958 729160

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