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Percussion Theatre Lights Up the Red Rose Awards at Winter Gardens, Blackpool

In an evening where the grandeur of Lancashire's business achievements met the dazzling spectacle of live entertainment, Percussion Theatre had the honour of performing at the iconic Red Rose Awards, held in the magnificent Winter Gardens of Blackpool.

This event, renowned for celebrating the crème de la crème of Lancashire's business community, was elevated to new heights with a performance that resonated with the spirit of excellence and celebration.

A Symphony of Talent and Technology

Thanks to the visionary collaboration with Misha from MH Productions, a company synonymous with crafting unforgettable events, our drummers took centre stage in a 15-minute extravaganza that wove together the electrifying energy of LED drums, the grace of acrobats, and the dynamic moves of dancers into a seamless tapestry of entertainment.

Our performance kicked off with our signature LED roaming drums, casting a mesmerizing glow throughout the Winter Gardens. This vibrant display was not just about the visual appeal; it was a metaphor for the innovation and dynamism that define the Lancashire business community.

A Celebration of Rhythms and Achievements

As the evening progressed, our drummers elevated the atmosphere with our acclaimed Freestyle drumming stage track, Party Rock Anthems. This performance piece, known for its ability to energize and engage, perfectly complemented the spirit of the Red Rose Awards, turning the celebration of business achievements into a full-blown party.

The fusion of our LED drums with the choreographed precision of acrobats and dancers created a spectacle that was nothing short of breathtaking. It was a testament to the power of collaborative creativity and a showcase of how live entertainment can transform corporate events into unforgettable experiences.

Gratitude and Applause

The feedback from Misha, "Thanks for doing an amazing job 👏🏼 so nice to work with you & all of your guys were great!", serves as a cherished endorsement of our commitment to excellence and professionalism. Working alongside MH Productions and contributing to the success of the Red Rose Awards was an opportunity for which we are profoundly grateful.

Bringing the Beat to Your Next Corporate Event

For event organisers and corporate clients seeking to infuse their awards evenings or business celebrations with high-energy entertainment, Percussion Theatre offers a unique and unforgettable solution. Our LED drummers are more than performers; they are artisans of atmosphere, capable of turning any corporate event into a night to remember.

Whether it's the prestige of awards ceremonies like the Red Rose Awards or any corporate gathering looking to stand out, our performances promise to captivate, energize, and inspire. Let us bring the rhythm of success to your next event, lighting up the night with beats, lights, and a celebration of achievements.

Book Percussion Theatre Today

Ready to make your corporate event or awards evening a standout success? Contact Percussion Theatre to discuss how our LED drummers and bespoke performances can elevate your celebration. Visit our website or reach out directly to start planning an event that will be talked about long after the final applause fades.

Join us in the art of celebration and let every beat of our drums echo the spirit of your corporate achievements.


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