Hire a drumline, percussionists or drum corps.

Drumlines, Drum Troupes and Marching Percussionists all offer big impact and high energy shows. Whether you are looking to impress your clients at a grand opening or looking for a unique act to lead your city parade, drummers always provide an awesome audio and visual experience. 

The Percussion Theatre group are renown for their 'Freestyle Drumming" and elite snare drummers. They have multiple awe inspiring shows and are also ideal for bespoke events. Having previously performed at everything from ITV's Dancing on Ice to welcoming fans into the Ashes Cricket, if you want an experienced unit with lots of show options then book Percussion Theatre


Backbeat Drumling are an American style drumline. With roots in the Drum Corps activity, the experienced percussionists have turned their hand to create this amazing entertainment drumline. Backbeat Drumline offer static, roaming or marching performances and are idea for sporting events, parades or opening events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What style of drumming and percussion do your acts perform?

Our handpicked roster of drummers means we can provide you with a huge variety of options and styles. Many of our acts can create bespoke performances or songs especially for your event.

Some entertainers will perform on stage, some roaming and many can offer both. 

If you require a certain number of performers then please ask, most of the drumming groups have access to a wealth of musicians and drummers who can be called upon when needed.

If you are looking for a themed group then our acts are always open to altering their uniform to wear branded clothing or incorporate LED drums and other unique costumes.

What do Drumlines do?

Our drumlines and percussionists will most often perform pre arranged routines and songs for a set time. Some perform to backing music and some don't need anything other than their drums. You can choose how long you would like your group to perform for and we often get requests as varied as a 3min opening to a full day of performances.

There are too many style to list them all but some of our most popular performances include use of LED drums, UV drumsticks or American football drumline.


Can I book a drumline for my parade?

Yes, our drumlines are perfectly suited to parades and festivals. then have long format drumming cadences that they march to and are highly skilled at crowd interaction.


What events can I book a drumline for?

You can book for any kind of event. previously our acts have performed at weddings, funerals, TV shows, birthday parties, corporate functions, dinner parties, fetes, festivals, parades and product launches.

LED drums look and sounds amazing. If you want the visual wow factor then look no further. The l.e.d group perform to backing tracks of popular and uplifting music or they can play along to your bespoke or chosen music. Creation of royalty free music is also a popular option for those wanting to share and upload recordings.


LED and UV Drummers. 
Our roaming LED drummers or our drumline with UV drumsticks are some of our most popular choices for clients wanting instant impact. These are especially popular for opening of corporate events. LED drums can be set to your bespoke colour scheme or utilise many impressive patterns.
Both acts work best in complete darkness but can also perform in dusk like lighting.


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