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The Percussion Theatre

In the world of LED drumming, not all performers are crafted equally.  If you simply want some noise with glitz you are in the wrong place. Our drummers are seasoned percussionists boasting pedigrees from military backgrounds, elite Drum Corps, and advanced musical academia. All of our show stealing performances are characterised by amazingly intricate rhythms, precisly choreographed stick maneuvers, and show-stopping solos.. Our LED drummers don't just perform, they redefine the genre, electrifying the ambience of any gathering.


  Our collective mission is to craft unforgettable experiences for your guests, and have our LED drummers consistently deliver awe-inspiring audio-visual experiences that resonate long after the event.

Show Highlights

Known for their professionalism and trusted by some of the world's biggest brands and corporations, The Percussion Theatre group is renowned for LED drums and captivating performances and guaranteed to elevate any event from ordinary to extraordinary.

They have a diverse array of awe inspiring shows and are ideal for corporate and sporting events. Should you desire unparalleled quality that guarantees a passionate awe-inspiring audio-visual experience at your event, Percussion Theatre are the definitive choice.

LED drummers


Unique, outrageous, high impact, stick juggling, choreographed freestyle drumline requires the highest calibre musicians….
Energy, precision and love for drumming ooze out of every performer. The performers drummers skills and visual impact is only bettered by their ability to entertain.

Percussion Theatre performances consists of freestyle drumming, stick throwing, tricks, dancing and jaw dropping uniformity all while drumming along to fun well-known top 10 hits.
The Ultra Violet segment of the show silences the room with glowing sticks and props combined with more awe inspiring drumming and movement.


Our prices are affected by factors such as distance travelled, event duration, and the number of personnel required. Below, you'll find some price guides. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a personalised quote.

PROMO PIC uv 2.jpg


Stage Show

Our Stage Show package includes a team of 5 drummers plus one crew performing dynamic sets lasting 4 to 20 minutes. Our repertoire typically features the UV drumstick routine and freestyle drum tracks. We provide UV lights and drums, as well as PA systems for up to 200 people, or we can supply tracks to your AV team before the event.

from £1500


Stage Show with Roaming Drummers

Our Stage Show package includes a team of 5 drummers plus one crew performing dynamic sets lasting 4 to 20 minutes. Our repertoire typically features the UV drumstick routine and freestyle drum tracks. We provide UV lights and drums, as well as PA systems for up to 200 people, or we can supply tracks to your AV team before the event.

 Additionally, we include our roaming drummers who perform before the stage show starts, creating an engaging and immersive experience for your guests.

from £2500


Stage Show, Roaming drummers with extras

Our performance package includes a team of 5+ drummers multiple crew and additional personnel as requested, these may include drummers, dancers, flag wavers.

from £3000

UV drumsticks
Black Light Stage Show

Black Light show drummers with UV sticks
Picture 9.jpeg

A cherished segment of the Percussion Theatre show is the mesmerising UV drumstick performance. Bathed in ultraviolet light, the swift movements of the drummers' sticks create a visually entrancing blur unlike any other. The precision in their choreography gives the illusion of drumsticks floating in flawless harmony.

In the latter part of the routine, the drummers seamlessly transition to UV balls, and these spheres appear to perform an enchanting dance, seemingly bouncing effortlessly from one drum to another. The custom track, a remix of Skrillex's 'Bangarang,' intensifies the excitement and impact of this spectacle.

This segment never fails to inspire guests to reach for their cameras, making it a photographic favourite. While it thrives in complete darkness, its allure is so captivating that it transcends even well-lit settings.

Our roaming LED drummers are a highly sought-after addition when booking Percussion Theatre.

The LED drums come to life, casting a captivating glow that illuminates the surroundings with mesmerizing light patterns.

Our drummers perform to the pulse of popular upbeat music, creating an instant and electrifying impact that sets the stage for unforgettable events.

Most frequently, our LED drummers take center stage as the prelude to the main stage performance. Emerging as the music begins, they weave through the audience, engaging them with smiles and interactive moments. Converging at the stage, they conclude the performance, setting the perfect tone for the main event.

Another delightful use of our LED drummers is to seamlessly transition guests from one location to another. Two of our drummers initiate an exciting question-and-answer drumming duel, capturing everyone's attention.

With a lively samba-style cadence, they then lead guests, Pied Piper-style, to the next destination, ensuring a seamless and memorable transition. The fun is not over yet, the rest of the drummers are waiting to welcome the guests to their new location.

LED drummers
Roaming LED drummers


Our drummers have collaborated seamlessly with a diverse range of LED performers, including dancers, flag-wavers, cube-spinning acts, and even fire eaters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What style of drumming and percussion do your acts perform?

Our handpicked roster of drummers means we can provide you with a huge variety of options and styles. Many of our acts can create bespoke performances or songs especially for your event.

Some entertainers will perform on stage, some roaming and many can offer both. 

If you require a certain number of performers then please ask, most of the drumming groups have access to a wealth of musicians and drummers who can be called upon when needed.

If you are looking for a themed group then our acts are always open to altering their uniform to wear branded clothing or incorporate LED drums and other unique costumes.

What do Drumlines do?

Our drumlines and percussionists will most often perform pre arranged routines and songs for a set time. Some perform to backing music and some don't need anything other than their drums. You can choose how long you would like your group to perform for and we often get requests as varied as a 3min opening to a full day of performances.

There are too many style to list them all but some of our most popular performances include use of LED drums, UV drumsticks or American football drumline.


Can I book a drumline for my parade?

Yes, our drumlines are perfectly suited to parades and festivals. then have long format drumming cadences that they march to and are highly skilled at crowd interaction.


What events can I book a drumline for?

You can book for any kind of event. previously our acts have performed at weddings, funerals, TV shows, birthday parties, corporate functions, dinner parties, fetes, festivals, parades and product launches.

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